We provide products and equipment to address demands such as:

  • Artificial Insemination
  • Diagnostics- Rapid Diagnostic Tests
  • Identification & Tracking
  • Trimming, Debeaking & Dehorning
  • Milking & Feeding Accessories
  • Restraining Equipment
  • Castration
  • Pet Accessories

Medilink’s Veterinary support services ensure that our customers are able to source all their animal and veterinary needs. 

Featured Product

IMV Artificial Insemination Solutions – AlphaVision System

AlphaVision facilitates the work of inseminators, breeders and veterinary surgeons through its integrated high definition camera and A.I gun which pairs with a mobile phone or screen through an application. It can be used for insemination, diagnosis and in some cases treatment of cervical conditions. Want to learn more about the AlphaVision? Click HERE to watch a video.

Our Products

General medical supplies and consumables

Laboratory Reagents and Equipment

Rapid Diagnostic Test kits (RDTs)

Veterinary Equipment and Consumables