Services & Support

Services & Support

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate reward and Medilink guarantees to provide the absolute best products and services to our clients.

¨ Quality products require quality tech support¨

Martial Tchumkam – Head of Technical Department


We supply an extensive selection of high-quality diagnostic, laboratory, medical and veterinary equipment, reagents and consumables.

Technical Support & After Sales Service

Our team of experienced Biomedical Engineers and Technicians is at hand to install equipment, provide our clients with advice, maintenance and repair your medical equipment; all within the shortest time possible.

Medilink, in collaboration with the manufacturing partners, provides regular training sessions to clients to better understand product functionality and to ensure that the clients are comfortable with their equipment.

Further, the team regularly attends local and foreign product training, seminar and workshop sessions to stay abreast with developing technology and update their skills. We believe that continually investing in our team ensures that our clients can receive the most appropriate and timely solutions to their needs.

Customer Service

Medilink is committed to continuously improve service excellence and client satisfaction-which is the most important thing to us.

We have instituted follow-up protocols for clients with instruments to ensure clients can give feedback and communicate any issues or challenges that arise in time to ensure prompt handling of the situation.

Our clients are also always encouraged to communicate directly to any member of the Technical, Sales and Operations teams whenever urgent action is required.

Our Products

General medical supplies and consumables

Laboratory Reagents and Equipment

Rapid Diagnostic Test kits (RDTs)

Veterinary Equipment and Consumables